Towersey Community Arts Project (TOWCAP)

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TOWCAP is a village organisation set up in 2007 to encourage, promote and stage events in the community for all villagers to enjoy. These events are always thought up by villagers and intended to provide enjoyment (and even sometimes education!) for all who take part.


Theatre Group.

We make trips 2 or 3 times a year to Aylesbury Waterside theatre and benefit from heavily
discounted tickets for making a Group Booking.

Poetry Reading.

An evening exploring poetry in all its forms for anybody who loves the spoken word. Runs
approx. every six weeks.

Play reading.

As with poetry reading, this group works with short plays, extracts or longer pieces across the board. Spaces sometimes limited to the number of parts, but everyone welcome to listen or share roles.

New to the village or just new ideas?

We are always looking for new villagers to join in any of the activities, or to perhaps help us develop a new idea. If you have any thoughts, please let us know – to us, nothing sounds silly!