WhatsApp Groups

A WhatsApp Group to suit you

From daft cars to poetry, Towersey has a WhatsApp group for you! Here are some of the WhatsApp groups open to all:

Men and Women’s WhatsApp groups, a must for updates on all aspects of Village life. If you only join one group these are the ones! Unfortunately, you cannot be in both. Contact Adrian on 07968 098965 if you are male and Wendy on 07836 621813 if you are not.

Are you keen to get fit or fitter? Well you have a myriad of options! Walking, cycling, Couch to 5K, 5K plus, Tuesday and Thursday morning jogs, dog walking and 3 weekly exercise classes are available to all. The perfect way to get fit and socialise! Contact Adrian on 07968 098965 for details.

There is a Sourdough Starters group for those interested in baking sourdough bread. Contact Jan on 07523 409508

Towersey Marketplace – Contact Jo on 07734 263 593. If you have things that you no longer want but still have a useful life left in them – then you can offer them for sale or for free in this group.

Towersey Events – Contact Lucinda on 07817 243 728. To advertise events in and around the village

Perhaps you are the brainy type. Well, we have groups for you too! Is reciting and discussing poetry your thing? The club meets monthly in an informal friendly setting. Contact Helena for details on 0709525685.

Are you interested in gardening and nature? The Gardening and Biodiversity WhatsApp group is a font of information – for more information contact Richard on 07775640961.

Do you have an old car or motorbike that needs a run out with company? Then Brent is your man – contact him on 07738 015135.

Rumour also has it that there is a “Big tool group”. If you need to borrow some machinery to tick off a task from your list. Again, contact Brent (07738 015135) for details.

Towersey is small but vibrant. Communication and community are so important. If you are a budding poet, would like to get fitter and meet people or have a car or motorbike that has been sitting in the garage too long get in contact!