Towersey Wednesday Coffee Morning

The Wednesday Coffee Mornings are back to meeting in the Village Hall from October. Our group has continued meeting every Wednesday, when Covid restrictions allowed, so there are 10-12 of us ready to start up in the hall again, and we do hope to see all our old friends and more newcomers to swell the ranks.

No money has been collected during our exile, but we paid out £100 to the Church in thanks for being open for us as a Covid-safe meeting place last winter. (Not much left in the bank account now.)

There will be something of a ‘New Look’ when we start up again:

We’ll be sitting in small groups around separate tables, to enable conversations to be easily shared between 3- 5 people.

The Raffle has been abolished, so no-one need worry about what to bring. If there are any notices or anything anyone wants to say to the whole group, there will still be an opportunity for this before the end of the session. Chairman Cliff Preece might be back in his role, and in control of proceedings!

We hope to collect some money before Christmas , so everyone who comes for coffee will be asked to pay a minimum of £1 for each time they come . It would make it easier for the treasurer if this was paid at the rate of £5 per month, after each 5 attendances, if you come regularly. Then we will have something in the bank by Christmas time so that we can support the village hall (where we are welcomed, rent free by the TMH Committee.)

We do hope to see more people enjoying our very sociable hour on Wednesdays. You can just drop in any time between 10.45-11.45. (We finish at midday to make way for any later bookings in the hall)

Angela Dike, Treasurer
(assisted by co-treasurers Rachel Britnell and Cherry Nurse and the Hon Chairman, Cliff Preece)